Investment Verticals​


Climate Tech

• The Clean Energy economy – production, storage & efficiency
• Waste reduction & recovery
• Food packaging & preservation
• Sustainable agriculture
• Ocean, forest, & biodiversity preservation
• Carbon capture, measurement, & risk management
• Water access, cleanliness, & conservation
• Resource resiliency & security

Education &
Future of Work

Education &
Future of Work

• Access to quality education
• Access to reliable and uncensored information
• Upskilling and vocational training

Health &

Health & Wellness

• Human longevity
• Disease detection and prevention
• Big data and machine learning applied to healthcare and medicine
• Neuroscience - optimizing human brain health
• Direct-to-consumer, personalized healthcare



• Supporting and catalyzing responsible investing
• Incentivizing personal savings
• Access to capital for underserved communities
• Financial education and planning


Sustainable Brands

• Products that offer outstanding solutions for human health or the environment
• Alternative proteins (reduction of animal protein and farming)
• Material science driven innovations
• Upcycling, recycling, and the closed-loop economy

Diversity, Equity,
& Inclusion

Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

• Businesses behind women and minority empowerment and equality
• Companies created or led by women and minorities

Direct Investments

Indirect Investments*

*Indirect Investments refer to investments made through our affiliates such as through another Fund, Entity, or SPV

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