Blue Planet




Los Gatos, CA
Blue Planet is solving the Carbon Capture Problem by Converting CO2 into Building Materials by using their patented Liquid Condensed Phase (LCP™) Technology to convert CO2 into high-value CarbonMix™ building and highway materials. Their projects target locations that are close in proximity to their supply and demand: sources that emit high levels of carbon dioxide, like industrial plants, and cities experiencing high demand for building materials.Human (anthropogenic) contributions to Earth’s atmospheric CO2 levels is about 35 Gigatones per annum, and growing. More than half of this CO2 (25 billon tons) could be consumed from the production of limestone aggregate used in place of the currently mined aggregate. In addition to carbon capture, Blue Planet’s approach would also save enormous transportation costs and carbon footprint (except for water, aggregate is the most transported material on Earth), and combined with their concrete up-cycling, a reduction in mining.

Dr. Brent Constantz, Ph.D.

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