About For Good Ventures

Investment Philosophies

  • Social and environmental challenges are large market opportunities
  • Investing in companies ‘doing good’ is not at the expense of profit.  Innovative, mission-driven companies backed by responsible capital will increasingly outperform competitors
  • Our investments are poised to benefit from macro demand trends including the shift towards supporting responsible companies
  • Asset ownership is changing hands to women and millennials who will be inheriting large sums of money and control over existing investments. These investors see an inextricable link between profit and purpose and are placing their capital accordingly.
    • Large sums of institutional capital are being allocated to impact investing supporting further valuation upside
  • Government and Corporations are increasingly supportive of clean energy policy and integration, the carbon negative economy, carbon credits and carbon taxes
  • Every investment dollar has direct and indirect impacts on society and the environment. Individuals and businesses have a responsibility to align behaviors and investments accordingly

For Good Ventures brings capital to investments where financial returns are directly linked to positive social and environmental impacts.  We help companies that are doing good thrive.

For Founders

  • We view our investments as strategic partnerships and strive to become helpful, reliable members of your team
  • We seek profit with purpose; your mission and tenacity to accomplish it is as important to us as your financial success
  • Our network of advisers, co-investors, and affiliates provides access to invaluable industry expertise to accelerate your short and long term goals
  • We invest alongside other well known, highly-regarded family offices and VCs
  • Our team and our partners are carefully selected

For Inverstors

  • Our investments fundamentally benefit humanity and/or the environment without compromising returns
  • We look for high growth businesses positioned to rapidly benefit from shifts in consumer preferences, demand trends, and policy reforms
  • Across our verticals, we apply a rigorous investment strategy that focuses on disciplined sourcing, due diligence, and investment structuring
  • We focus on companies we can directly add value to
  • We invest alongside other well known, highly-regarded family offices and VCs
  • Our relationships with high net worth family offices, financial institutions, and technology incubators allows us to consistently source high quality deal flow
  • A portion of capital is allocated to other funds that specialize in one or more of our investment verticals, allowing continual access to industry-specific opportunities and trends and to foster ongoing relationships
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, we are deeply embedded in the latest technologies and networks in the heart of Silicon Valley, while also retaining a global community and outlook

For more information, contact info@forgoodventures.com

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