Disruptive Technologies Changing the World for Good

For Good Ventures is a family office venture capital investment firm targeting innovative, disruptive technologies and impact funds changing the world for good

We invest in for-profit, positive-impact businesses and funds in private markets positioned for scalable, positive change.

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Human Ingenuity

From clean energy production and carbon sequestration solutions to synthetic biology, For Good Ventures looks for ingenious technologies solving problems across industries that will become profitable businesses.

Responsible Capital

For Good Ventures invests in companies and funds that fundamentally benefit humanity or the environment as a core focus of their business model.

For Good Ventures donates through the For Good Foundation, supporting non-profits in alignment with our mission.


Private sector business, finance, and academia cooperating on innovative technology-based solutions is paramount for saving the planet and sustainably progressing humanity.

Change happens collectively. As investors in the catalysts for change, we target companies positioned at the inflection point for significant demand growth, in alignment with rapidly-scaling trends, policy reforms, and the connective fabrics of society.

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