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Los Angeles, CA
Water security, energy security and food security are inextricably linked and the actions in any one area usually impact one or both of the others. The UN describes this as the water, energy, food nexus and describes the absolute need for a more conscious stewardship of these vital resources. Primary’s environmental initiatives and ocean production technologies maintain a central nexus approach by: 1) Reduces the dependence on freshwater resources through ocean farming technology, drought resistant crop production, and soil and terrestrial crop enhancing organic fertilizer products, 2) improves upon biomass production for biofuel technologies, 3) cultivates low impact, healthy food crops and livestock feed crops without pesticides, fertilizers, or freshwater, 4) increases the sustainability of ocean mariculture and protein production, and 5) supports wild fishery and coral reef ecosystems through primary production.

Scotty Schmidt (Co-Founder)

Brian Schmidt (Co-Founder)

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