Palo Alto, CA
Chronic disease is the most dire societal and economic threat in the developed world. Addressing it starts with early detection. Cardio-metabolic analysis has been clinically proven to provide the most reliable non-invasive and scalable method for simultaneously screening for cardiovascular, metabolic and pulmonary diseases. By developing the world’s first cardio-metabolic analyzer for the mass market, PNOĒ is now bringing the most insightful health assessment to every gym and soon in the comfort of your house. PNOĒ has developed the first portable, low cost and medical grade cardio-metabolic analyzer. Cardio-metabolic analysis (AKA VO2max testing or metabolic testing) has been around since the 1950s and is one of the most accurate, yet least used, diagnostic techniques in cardiology, pulmonology, and metabolic health. A 10-minute exercise test with our PNOE mask measures the user’s heart, lung, and metabolic health, as well as fitness related metrics including fat burn, caloric expenditure, and muscle type composition. Following the test, our system automatically generates a detailed report containing the user’s cardio-metabolic evaluation, as well as actionable nutrition and exercise recommendations.

Panos Papadiamantis (Founder, CEO)

Apostolos Atsalakis

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