New York, NY
Loliware is the only plastic alternative that is beneficial for the environment as both an input (seaweed as a crop) and an output (nutrient rich for human consumption and/or as fertilizer). Seaweed (Macro Algae) is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, which utilizes sunlight to capture carbon as it grows and produces a substantial portion of the oxygen we breathe. In addition, it absorbs excess fertilizers in waterways and the ocean while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Growing and harvesting macro algae is one of the best ways to clean the air of carbon and the sea of excess nitrates and phosphates, which makes it an ideal material both to grow and to use. LOLIWARE creates single use items designed to disappear. LOLIWARE launched with the LOLIWARE Straw which looks, feels and acts like plastic, but is made from 100% food grade materials. It is designed to disappear either through composting or natural processes, and is even safe to eat.

Chelsea Briganti

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