Open CIty




Boston, MA
Founded in 2017 in Boston, OpenCity provides a streamlined communications platform for restaurants and their customers. Its current product utilizes an automated AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) platform that enables a higher degree of accuracy and faster order times when placing drive-thru restaurant orders. OpenCity entered the market with a 24/7 solution to handling customer questions without utilizing staff time. The US wastes approximately 40% of all food produced in the country. While no single point in the supply chain is solely responsible for this enormous level of waste, innovations like OpenCity contribute to waste reduction in portions of the supply chain. Their initial assessment shows that a typical restaurant drive thru will see 100-200 items thrown out each month, due to errors in the order process that reach 15% of all orders. OpenCity anticipates reducing drive thru order error rates to substantially below 10%.

Nicholas (Nick) Belsito, CEO

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