Madison, Wisconsin
C-Motive is the first company to invent and develop electrostatic motors which produce enough torque to replace conventional motors. Using “static cling” to create torque means excellent efficiency characteristics at low speeds, where conventional motors are least efficient. It also means that motors no longer require steel, copper or rare earth materials, nor must they have any magnetic properties. Electrostatic torque is produced with voltage, is nearly lossless, and produces near-zero heat. An estimated 50% of the world’s energy is consumed by motors.C-Motive’s drives deliver 3-10x more torque per kg of weight than competing motors, without a separate cooling system and higher efficiency. They deliver maximum torque and efficiency in the 100-2000 rpm range, where other motors need gearing, belts, or are just plain massive to get the sufficient torque.

Drs. Dan Ludois (Cheif Science Officer & Co-Founder)

Justin Reed (CEO & Co-Founder)

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