The Future of “Waste”; The Next Trillion Dollar Industry?

The world has a waste problem.  By 2050 global waste production is expected to escalate from 2 billion tons per year to an astronomical 3.4 billions tons per year, outpacing population growth by more than double.  Despite our best efforts to recycle, the vast majority of organic waste ends up in some form of a landfill.   Tipping fees, the costs … Read More

Human Longevity Current Cutting Edge and What Is Next

\ An unprecedented wave of new technologies that will revolutionize human health are coming in the next decade!  The two doctors on this upcoming panel have dedicated their lives to understanding what is at the cutting edge of human longevity.  What are they offering now and what is coming next?  We can almost guarantee you will learn something new and … Read More

Art and Creativity: Catalysts For Inspiring Positive Change

Taking risks with art can be daunting, particularly when addressing some of humanity’s most pressing issues like climate change. We believe that these creative pioneers and leaders are a necessary part of affecting change: they have collectively reached billions of viewers of their work. How have they done it and what makes it worth the risk? Join us for a … Read More